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How we scaled a course to 6 figures in 30 days.

Vermil Development is an online course targeting aspiring developers. Vermil reached out to North to help increase website sales & ultimately create a strong brand through social media.

The development course used Facebook dynamic ads and lookalike audiences to reach more customers worldwide, resulting in a 82% increase in total course revenue compared to the previous year.

First, North built a strategy to test ads through different prospecting audiences-people who had previously shown interest in specific development softwares, and showed similarities with people currently in the course; therefore more likely to join themselves. The brand divided its budget, 80% to their potential audiences and 20% towards retargeting audiences that had previously visited the course site.


the dynamic ad resulted in:

  • 82% increase in total course revenue, compared to previous year
  • 3X return on ad spend
  • More than 2.5x increase in ad impressions
  • Over 30,000 people reached
  • -29% cost per sale

“North & Facebook allowed our course to scale & get in front of the right audience. We have seen an 82% increase in course revenue, and has given us confidence that this is a great way for smaller courses to reach customers internationally.” -Marq, Vermil

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